Purgatory on Parade (Street Photography 2)

©photo credit westcoastwoman


A wandering agnostic amongst a sea of Easter hats

no hat to call my own, moments captured

hardly convey this half way house,

this purgatory on parade.

Turning, Turning…

I move through cobbled streets

and find no spot to settle

a restless dog rotating above it’s bed.

Salvation is offered

at the tip of a blue laced finger

I pass, move forward …

but give an upward glance

as Magic forms above

on this Louisiana morning.

© westcoastwoman 2019



5 thoughts on “Purgatory on Parade (Street Photography 2)

  1. Great pic!And of course, I’m gonna get defensive about the “purgatory parade”. WHAAAT!!!More like limbo, but then every parade goer has their own view – literally. But I can feel the fun of this, the Street Preacher preaching fire n brimstone in herflower brimmed hat. Duly churched.Love it.


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