Hand to Heart (Street Photography 1)

(while working on another piece this morning I found this in my drafts, I meant to go in to delete, but in the end my hand and heart pushed Publish)

I am going to try a short series of poetry inspired by (my second love) street photography, a series I took last year at the Easter Sunday Parade in the French Quarter, New Orleans.


photo credit westcoastwoman


Each step you take, from here to there

each hand you hold, they’ll sometimes care

some filled with light some fighting dark

you’ll find what’s right, you’ll make your mark

your heart will break, can’t help you there

you’ll find one hand that let’s you care

but in the end, your hand to heart

is what will lead you home.









8 thoughts on “Hand to Heart (Street Photography 1)

  1. Isn’t that the truth? “Hand to heart will lead you home”. For me, home is now back to myself. I think “home” represents something different for each one of us. Our journey in this life takes many paths, but home to me is when we finally recognize who we are. Then home can be anywhere we choose. ✌️A lovely poem. Thanks for sharing.


    1. Thank you Lesley.
      Yes, back home to yourself, your own heart. It took me a long time to realize that. When I looked at the moment I had captured in the shot, almost a moment of trust and apprehension I felt every bump on that journey back ‘home’.

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  2. Love love love that image: the strong muscled tattooed arm, the vulnerable trusting gaze, mid-stride, the transition step, the learning…”from here to there”, as John O’Donohue said of our whole spiritual journey, is about a quarter inch.


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