Wanderlust, Dance and Blogging

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” I had known almost every pleasure and discomfort, all the happiness and all the suffering that can befall man as a social animal. Useless to give you the details: the repertory of possible events in human destinies is rather limited, and they are nearly always the same stories. I will tell you that one day I found myself alone, all alone, fully convinced that I had completed one cycle of existence. I had travelled widely, studied the most esoteric sciences, learned more than ten trades. Life treated me a little the way an organism treats a foreign body: it was obviously trying either to enclose me or expel me, and I myself thirsted for ‘something else.’

Quote from Mount Analogue by Rene Daumal

Reading this rather quirky and inspiring allegory for the journey of life before setting off on my own journey/adventure in a few days.

8 thoughts on “Wanderlust, Dance and Blogging

  1. I am learning a lot through your journey, Janet. Thank you for sharing. I can hardly wait to hear about your next adventure, a truly wild and brave thing to do. 💕Marilyn

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  2. HI Janet…safe journey to you as you prepare to leave for Turkey. On my recent trip to Spain and Morocco I met a man who invited me to travel with him to Morocco. I thought , why not? So I returned to Spain where he lives and we are now doing a 6 week camping trip in Morocco. Life is such a big mystery. I long for more dance and song.. and look forward to hearing about your adventure . I will return to the island sometime later this year. Be well…..

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  3. Hi Janet…So enjoy reading your words. Sparkles erupt as I do and my thoughts expand and find meaningful places to find grounding, Thank you!

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