“the Parade of our Mutual Life”


It was a year ago today that I set up this site (as I was reminded by a Congratulatory! email) a year since my finger hovered over the pink ‘publish’ button and I somehow got the courage to touch it.

A year that started by reading the words of Others ….. that being the great gift.  Stumbling upon writer after writer whose words spoke so deeply and honestly I felt ‘broken open’ and that opening allowing more of my inner world to be exposed.

One site led to another, it felt like climbing on a large web of linked consciousness, each writer working in their own corners writing words that only they could release .
I started to hear this as the ‘collective human howl’.

Joy, pain, darkness and light all being expressed individually and in perfect unison. A virtual worldwide Salon of sorts where the doors are always open and swinging both ways, all ways. Everyone welcome….so grateful I stepped through the threshold.

” it is important that awake people be awake” William Stafford

DSC_2328 2
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24 thoughts on ““the Parade of our Mutual Life”

  1. Beautifully and simply put! I really enjoy reading your thoughts combined with appropriate photographs and poems. William Stafford has been my favorite poet/seer. Keep sharing your gifts. Thank you.

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    1. Thank you so much for your support Ken.
      The photography is becoming part of the inspiration either for or from the writing so I am doubly blessed getting to shoot and write then put them together in a way that feels cohesive. Then add in the poetry of ‘seers’ who can say in a few lines what would take me a lifetime to express……..

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  2. So glad to have followed your like on my post here today, as I had been unknowingly disconnected by WordPress? My sincerest congratulations on your anniversary, and many thanks for the thoughts and wisdom which through your writing have weaved their way into my world.

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    1. I too have ‘lost’ and slowly found a few people I had been following’ not really sure how or why. Loved your Maggie saga, see a Maggie of the North series emerging…:)


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