Shadow and Light

©photo credit westcoastwoman  “hollyhock”

Don’t look…..
into the Light
Don’t shoot…..
into the Light


Light exposes shadow,
Shadow, Light.


Meant to be broken
Light without Shadow
Half Life
Half Love
Half Question

Unlived, Unloved, Unspoken.

©westcoastwoman 2019

10 thoughts on “Shadow and Light

    1. Thank you so much Ken. this is definitely one that came with the photograph as muse. I tried to photograph this totem at daybreak and twilight and finally in frustration a full on ‘throw away’ sun-in-the-lens shot. This is the one that stuck for me. Shadow and Light ….. loved it.


  1. A friend, who is a successful published author, saw my post about you and sent me an email. He enjoyed seeing it, but rarely comments. Thought you’d enjoy this: “Just spent about 45 minutes scrolling through some of the posts of westcoastwoman, and enjoyed their depth and her sincere and poetic soul. Lots of good people in this world.”

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