Concrete Runway

Word prompt: Design

“six sentence stories” hosted by “GirlieOnTheEdge”

Shit Happens © photo westcoastwoman

“Fashion is the armour to survive everyday life”  .   Bill Cunningham

Concrete Runway 

Most evident as he rounded the corner was the fact that ‘Shit Happens’.
The message permanently tattooed into his upper arm, left no room for argument.
Glancing at the design of his outfit it initially appeared confused and disheveled, on closer inspection it became obvious that each piece was meticulously chosen and assembled.

The Fred Flintstone style capri belted in white plastic linked chain, topped with a studded and carefully pinned denim vest, accessorized with a green patched messenger bag and shades well positioned on the animal print cap.
Street fashion captured on an urban concrete runway.

‘Shit’ will indeed ‘Happen’, best to be prepared and dress for the occasion.

©westcoastwoman 2019






19 thoughts on “Concrete Runway

    1. I think the Bill Cunningham quote sets the stage. He was an amazing street/fashion photographer in NYC. Worked for Vogue travelled the streets on a bike…there was a doc filmed about him. We all express ourselves in different ways and life would be pretty boring if we didn’t.


  1. I feel so totally inspired to find an artist and get my first tattoo!. I want to make a statement! I want to make a statement so big that it vibrates around the planet to. all in need and all of greed and say… Let me find the love in you. It is there a seed GOD’s vibration planted in all of us. Let me find the place that wakes up and improves man’s humanity to man…or woman…or leaf…or dog…or just all living things….:). So if I were a magician I would wave a wand of miracles. I would tattoo every human with a tattoo that wakens and heals us all to recognize that we are safe here…no need to be fear, no need to let greed cause harm to other living things…Time to find the love…. Man! What to do? I don’t like Betty’s costumes much but I could don a pair of buffalo pants. Thanks Janet! Inspired and hopeful!

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  2. Excellent. You are most welcome. It really is my pleasure. Since taking over the hosting duties, it has become even more apparent how helpful the SSS challenge is! I like to think it is very simple, just not always so easy lol.

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  3. While it’s tempting to remember the world is full of stories, if we but stop and look. there is something more to writing about the ‘real’ world. There is, imo, a necessary contradiction: distance ourselves and identify with the person, place or thing of interest.
    Your Six illustrates that skill… observation that not only points out facets of life, but brings them out in a way that enhances the world for the Reader.


    1. Thank you Lisa, this photo had been one of my favourites and my thoughts on it morphed over time. I was in the middle of a crosswalk, he walked around the corner and I just shot it. When I downloaded it was when I really examined the details.

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  4. I can’t wait to read more stories like this one. At first I kind of skipped past the photo to get to your SSS, but you didn’t let me off so easy. Thanks for making to look again and again.

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    1. thank you Pat. There is a lot in the photo for sure. I tried to comment on your piece but it asked for google accts and passwords and I didn’t have them. I loved your piece. It reminded me of my aunt as she drifted between this world and the next before she died. Your words described this beautifully.


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