Two words that say it all

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these days when words fail us and so many need to be heard, I offer these “two words” in a quote from Richard Wagamese……..


“Sometimes people just need to talk.  They need to be heard.  They need the validation of my time, my silence, my unspoken compassion. They don’t need advice, sympathy or counselling.  They need to hear the sound of their own voices speaking their own truths, articulating their own feelings, as those may be at a particular moment.
Then, when finished, they simply need a nod of the head, a pat on the shoulder or a hug.
I am learning that sometimes silence really is golden, and that sometimes “Fuck, eh?” is as spiritual a thing as needs to be said.


Richard Wagamese.   Embers  One Ojibway’s Meditations (2013)


13 thoughts on “Two words that say it all

      1. Hi Janet. Thanks for turning us onto him. Living in the states I was not aware of his work, until I saw the film and made the connection that he was the same author! I looked inside his poetry book, Embers, and was blown away by that first poem about Silence. Deeply meditative! Might order the book now.

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        1. The whole book is really a meditation on life, reflections that help me as I sit in the darkness before the dawn. The book is worth owning. I quoted him in a piece I wrote about a year ago called The Threshold I am not very technical hopefully this will link…….

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