Off Map – Follow the Terrain

westcoastwoman 2016

 “There must be those among whom we can sit down and weep and still be counted as warriors.”    Adrienne Rich


“Sit down and weep”, not something I have considered during this period of containment. I own but have not read a book titled “By Grand Central Station I Sat Down and Wept”. I like the title so well I am not sure I will ever read what is inside. Weeping appears to be a more enlightened form of crying. Do we weep for humanity and cry for ourselves?

I want to learn how to ‘weep’ and then search out ‘those among’ us who could acknowledge my strength as a warrior. My hope is they are waiting somewhere ‘off map’, beyond the beyond.

This poem by Joyce Rupp, OLD MAPS NO LONGER WORK speaks to that part that yearns to go ‘off map’ and discover new terrain… perhaps that decision has already been made for us.

westcoastwoman 2020

5 thoughts on “Off Map – Follow the Terrain

  1. “Weeping appears to be a more enlightened form of crying.”

    Love that line. And I’m weeping right along with you. I will happily call you warrior. I don’t care what name I’m given. The gift, for me, is the weeping itself. So many gifts right now. So many.



    1. good question……perhaps the ones who used this time of pause to learn how to navigate ‘by the stars’. The ones who have gone beyond the ‘new normal’ to a whole new reality. There must be ‘those among us’.


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