“swimming in clues”

breath of the ocean. westcoastwoman

All know that the drop merges into the ocean, but few know that the ocean merges into the drop. Kabir

“swimming in clues”

Our lives in pieces
reflect through
mirrors, shattered,
barely held
in fragile frames.

Lungs gasp, groan,
sighs release,
inhale once more
sweet ocean air
breath of the ancestors.

Hearts reassemble,
vital organs
beat in unison
feel the labour,
Life rebirthing.

Wooden carcass
our wreckage decomposed
greed, power, blindness,
floats the surface
walks the pavement.

only having learned the backstroke…
“we are swimming in clues.”

westcoastwoman 2020

conquering the sea westcoastwoman

7 thoughts on ““swimming in clues”

  1. That first stanza really sucked me in.

    Our lives in pieces
    reflect through
    mirrors, shattered,
    barely held
    in fragile frames

    That alone could describe the last year of my life! I need to reread this poem several times and ingest it! It’s quite something! “Life rebirthing!” Wow! Just wow!

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    1. Lesley I am humbled by your words, the quote ‘swimming in clues’ has been haunting me the last little while and the shattering we are experiencing both personally and collectively feels like the labour of some form of rebirth……here is hoping…

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  2. Beautiful photos!

    Your poem is suffused with a myriad of emotion and feeling. I agree with Lesley about a reread or 3. There is more in the reading each time. For me, the last 2 lines speak the epitome of our potential.

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