Reflections on the Sound of Silence

Hello darkness my old friend
I’ve come to talk with you again
because a vision softly creeping
left its seeds while I was sleeping
and the vision that was planted
in my brain, still remains
within the sound
of silence.

Sound of Silence Simon and Garfunkel


In this year of a thousand months a silence has settled, palpable, like silk against bare skin.

One by one freedoms slip away in an unintentional game of musical chairs until we find ourselves alone, gazing into the Great Mystery.

Fooled into thinking this was unexpected we see plans for this journey seeded long ago with every “yes” carelessly spoken.

Each moment becomes a new invitation, moving deeper like a lover searching for that place on your lip meant only for others.

Eyes closed, surrender drifts like wafting smoke to linger over new terrain, unsure of where to settle.

Shadows that once held fear dissipate with every wind gust, free now to ride this undulating movement…

We are danced into the unknown.

photo westcoastwoman

18 thoughts on “Reflections on the Sound of Silence

  1. Janet:

    Beautiful. I feel your depth in your words. How are you at this holiday darkest time before Solstice. Sening my love and good wishes to you, Cheryl

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  2. “We are danced into the unknown.” For as long as possible however, I’ll lead, thank you very much.
    Beautiful piece Janet. You speak poetically of events that appear pointed towards a transformative event of major import.
    My favorite line is the 3rd sentence and imo, the most telling. All the more important as move forward we forward.

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    1. I think I tried ‘leading’ and wasn’t all that good at it:). Always enjoy your comments and the way you interpret things.
      Best wishes to you as we all head forward into next year and whatever great mystery it holds.

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  3. Wonderful words… and such a thought-provoking image. Why is that chair there? Who has sat upon it? What did they think, what did they feel? Is the chair still there? (Probably not, but it will be there a long while still, in your photograph and my memory.)

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