Ripple in Still Waters

Walking and watching the River yesterday, the power of nature, constant movement, wearing away, giving in. Photographs and words hardly touch it, “there is the trying though”….


Shapes stone, cuts stone,
Banks and bottoms
Nothing escapes the reach,
the filing down, the silky caress
water seeking touch, truth,
the constant Reveal
what is hidden, Exposed.

Three a.m.
thoughts, inspirations,
no escaping the raw Reveal,
comfort knowing others
are Awake
giving in
to the flow, tumbling,
releasing, realizing,
You Can’t Push the River

There is the trying though,
interior ache
screams it’s message
mouth and arms stretch open
breast exposed
All exposed
shape, cut, touch , caress
reveal, Allow

The Run of the River.


11 thoughts on “Ripple in Still Waters

  1. Such is the wonder of synchronicity…I am paused for a moment..having a snack… Pused Beside at the well worn entrance to the river path I frequent daily. And, I read your healing river poem:). Thank you!

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  2. Ahh, the flow, the movement, the nature of water. Your poem holds that same sense of flow, undulating movement, current, energized upwellings, still pools and sudden depths.Well done-and the photo certainly draws me in as well.

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