Hiraeth is a Welsh word that perfectly describes my yearning for the emotions I experienced around Christmases long past. I am not alone in my ‘hiraeth’, without prompting I hear the same yearning in the voices of people I meet on the street this time of year.

It is an ambiguous loss for a season that arrives each year without fail, earlier and earlier with less and less of what my heart is longing for.


I was decorating the tree last night when I came across  ‘Eagle with Santa hat’ and as I placed him on the tree it brought to mind an incident last summer that involved two mismatched birds. Their uneasy coexistence had caught my attention days earlier and I photographed them as they perched side by side in the pond in front of the house.


The Eagle is one of a pair whose nest can be seen from the house. Over the last ten years, I watched them raise their young, watched when despite all their careful tending, guarding and feeding they occasionally ‘lost’ one of the young eaglets before it could fledge. One year both eaglets were killed in the nest by a Golden Eagle and one of the pair was badly injured in the attempt to fend off the attack.

Enter the Crow……. the Scavenger and the Predator, these two are not ‘birds of a feather’ but with wonder and curiosity I  watched them ‘flock together’.  The Crow mercilessly dive bombs the Eagle from above when he is perched in the nesting tree but other than the occasional glance upward the Eagle seems unaffected by this constant annoyance.

Other than that, Eagle and Crow coexist peacefully enough, although the Eagle could easily do away with him with one movement of his powerful beak, he does not. The Crow always ensures he is above the talons that could make short work of him. There is a form of mutual respect between the two.


Perhaps that is what I’m feeling as I experience this homesickness for ephemeral memories of Christmas past. It is the slow erosion of mutual respect that is starting to permeate many parts of our human society. As a species, we appear to be on the verge of entering uncharted waters on many levels.

I have experienced a few ‘Christmas moments’ this year and as I look at the photograph below I realize that is probably what I am longing for. It is the fleeting moments of moving side by side with other human beings.  It is the bravery it takes to spread our wings without knowing what the future will bring, and the trust that it will hold us.

Mostly I feel it is sharing and respecting this exquisite little blue planet that we find ourselves on at this moment in time.  Instead of feeling sadness for a “home that maybe never was” I will go forward this year with gratitude for ‘what is’ and for this beautiful home that we all share.

Peace on EarthDSC_1888


  1. Profound and beautiful reflections. You are mastering the metaphor in these posts. I’ve certainly been feeling a similar yearning and nostalgia as I try to emulate traditions we had growing up that don’t quite feel the same without our foursome. I suppose I have to surrender to the possibility of new traditions, or old ones made new. And yes, noticing and participating in acts of mutual respect and love in the home that extends beyond my house.

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  2. Nice one Melissa ~ “emulating traditions” I like that, so true. Janet, I like your take on reflections of Christmas past & the dreamy sense it leaves us with, those childhood memories. Love your photography always, your interpretations are uplifting (no pun intended)& yes, eagles do help our expressionisms don’t they ~ loved it.


  3. A lovely way to move forward. When the world around us is in turmoil, being grateful for what Is, rather than what was, can be the momentum that we need to promote joy and change for the better. Much happiness in the new year.


  4. It was such a wonderful gift to find your blog……on this Winter Solstice morning, Full moon tonight, 68th birthday day. I will return and read more of your pieces, that speak directly to my heart.
    Yes, Joy, Change and Happiness to you also in the New Year.


  5. got you beat by a year! What I have discovered is true at this age, is something that Gloria Steinem said…
    “Women become more radical with age, more free to be themselves. Men become more conservative and cranky.” ( I am paraphrasing, but you get my point). We are finally free from the constraints of the past. And that is truly inspiring! Enjoy your birthday and dance in the moonlight!


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