3 a.m. sentence(s)

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©photo credit westcoastwoman

“The only ones awake at 3:00 a.m. are the lonely and the loved.”

3 a.m. Sentence(s)

Dusk til Dawn
Shadow and Light
the veil is thin

The call goes out,
spiritual refugees
seeking a conscious oasis-
torrents of words
whisper past
we linger between
the threshold of
one world and another



Truth drifts on
shattered hearts
just beyond
the collective reach,
pluck what is close
mist envelops
pain, loss, love,
ephemeral words
3 a.m. sentence(s)
the puzzle solved
piece by piece
together, apart

We wait for dawn.

© westcoastwoman 2019

©photo credit westcoastwoman

25 thoughts on “3 a.m. sentence(s)

  1. Haunting and beautiful. The words and images let the reader right inside the quiet emotion of that moment at 3:00 a.m.


  2. Wow! Brilliant. This sure hit home. I swear you must be a soul sister! Either that or we are living the same life in an alternate universe. Lol
    Why is it that 3am is the hour that stabs like a sword? Not 1 or 2 but always 3? It’s the witching hour for sure. The time when we question everything and wander the moors like Heathcliff…


  3. Hey, not sure if you got my message, no idea who I sent the request to anymore. Sorry if I’m repeating myself.

    Anyway, just wanted to let you know my blog is now private. Had some ‘problems’ I wanted to get rid of, and I’m afraid this was the only way… Anyway, you’ll need to ask for permission so I can grant you access. It’s easy, you’ll see.


  4. I’ve read your 3am musing and your readers comments. I seemed to get a different take on it…and I am probably wrong. Often times if I am having trouble sleeping I will drift in and out …that is when I will see or be visited by spiritual beings that like to give me guidance…or sometimes will be helpful with deciding story endings. Have to go
    Thanks for stopping by my blog.


    1. I do not think you are wrong….I think that the poem is there to interpret however it speaks to whomever reads it. “The veil is thin”…. whether spiritual beings or collective unconscious or the pulsating energy of life, I think there are times, and 3 a.m. (away from the distractions of the day) is one of them when your muse or whatever it is that calls us to put pen to paper is more easily accessed.
      This poem was a gift, it came all at once and without bidding. I hardly had time to write it down. thank you for reading and commenting.

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