Towards the Light

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photo credit westcoastwoman


A place exists somewhere between the edge of campfire light and the surrounding forest that cannot be named.  Distant enough from the laughter and storytelling that the draw into the surrounding darkness is tangible.

She awoke to find herself rooted in this unnamed space and unable to remember how long she had lingered there.  Her feet moved towards the familiar light of the fire until she stood close behind the gathered circle.  There was no notice of her presence and it appeared the circle was unbroken, she would not be missed.

A turn and movement into the utter darkness of the path ahead, the inability to see her foot as it moved forward made it clear that for some time this journey would be without light or destination.



written in response to a word prompt, the word “clear”, limited to six sentences.



9 thoughts on “Towards the Light

  1. Lovely, Janet. This describes life after 65:
    “There was no notice of her presence and it appeared that the circle was unbroken, she would not be missed.”
    A bit disconcerting until we don our cloaks, embrace our superhero power of invisibility, and experience our new freedom.


  2. nice!
    engaging and moody*
    Nicely visual with a great ‘hook’

    Hey, welcome to the Six Sentence Story!

    *like the party in high school that your friends (somehow) convinced you to go to and your enjoyment was inversely proportional to the outward display of not really wanting to be there

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  3. You hooked me with the first sentence. Nicely written. I immediately visualized the scene without “trying to”.
    Am I the only one thinking this is a ghost story? LOL
    I love the ambiguity of the story line. Many possibilities.

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