Southern Magnolia
©photo credit westcoastwoman


Morning light streamed through the shutters, she awoke finding herself hovering somewhere between content and completely unhinged.

Thoughts flitted from place to place never sure where to settle these days, the cocoon of certainty and safety broken open long ago.

The garden provided refuge but even insects only stayed temporarily taking what was offered in the moment as blooms and nectars ebb and flow.

Relationship offered comfort as long as undeniable incremental changes were factored in, together and apart nothing ever as it seems.

Illusion of control was obvious, nothing to hang on to, thoughts, garden, relationships all morphing into their next incarnation with no action required but Witness.

The New Normal beckoned her with a smile, her thought finally settled:
“Precarious is the New Stable”

©westcoastwoman 2019


©photo credit westcoastwoman

Written in response to Girlie on the Edge  Six Sentence Stories
Word prompt: STABLE

22 thoughts on “Stable

  1. Excellent opening line. I can’t help but wonder – how far the chasm? Line 5, my next favorite. Illusion. It all is,isn’t it? Choice boiling down to acting (in the present) and witnessing. What more can we do?
    Thank you, Janet. Wonderful Six!


      1. Funny you mention about being “open to how the words want to flow through”. It’s one of the surprise by products of writing 6’s. I start off with one idea and often my original words get totally hijacked lol.

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        1. Yes, it feels totally different working from one word. Usually an idea not quite fully formed starts to follow me around until I feel compelled to write and then slowly it emerges almost like “being written” not ‘me’ writing (if that makes any sense)
          With the 6’s I keep thinking of the word and all it’s meanings, it then becomes clear which form/definition of the word the idea is moving towards. I like the fact that it has a limit (6), that reins everything in. And like you say I may start in one direction but it will become hijacked if I take a wrong turn. All very interesting……


  2. The opening line is like you have a camera in my head! OUCH. Great six. I love how you pulled this together. and seriously, stop spying on me, Alexa’s enough already!

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  3. Precariousness… what a balancing act to maintain (sorta like those jugglers on the variety shows in the before time, where, they’d, like put a plate at the top of a pole and get it rotating (or something))…
    even better than painting a picture (as we do in stories)… to provide a view into a place at once near and impossibly far.
    Fun Six

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  4. No two people have the same “normal”. Maybe you just have to accept what’s your personal normal and go with it? Nice 6!

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