Fully Loaded

“We drag expensive ghosts through memory’s unmade bed”    Paul Hoover

Fully Loaded

Coming, ‘fully loaded’
sporting this years options,
last years designs
illusions, gimmicks, tricks….
all previous short cuts
now eviscerated, overhauled, upgraded.

New thoughts, emotions,
technologies implanted and borne
on hands and knees moving
forward in darkness,
trusting, begging, opening,
blessing, praying for release.

Duality blends into
hope of wholeness,
Reuniting shards of
repressed memories,
rolling out the newest model
of one’s unlived lives.

No cherry picking of
options that appeal.
Movement forward to
one truth, this roll out
is all or nothing
large deposit, no refunds

or prerequisites.
Operation best suited
to those experienced
with similar models.
Not for beginners,
a ride you will never forget.

westcoastwoman 2019

12 thoughts on “Fully Loaded

  1. It is my poem . Thanks for the comment, I put the title in between the quote and the poem to separate to make it clearer
    Both quote and poem feel stronger, different it is interesting to follow the trail of words……and for some reason the underlying car theme keeps emerging

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  2. Tried four times to post comment! I give up..here’s what it woulda said:

    This brought to mind the fall of 1969, when five of us bought Plymouth Road Runners, and the tag line became “vroom vroom beep beep, fill er up.” As happens sometimes on our spiritual path, there was little discernment or discretion in our choice of these showy new models that promised us faster and farther, w/accompanying bells n whistles. Thanks for your invitation to reflect! Although aging is not necessarily sageing, there is indeed wisdom in realizing that we don’t always need new features, but the “transmission” from our former models may need over-hauling for our transformation!



  3. How do I resist the temptation to conform to my children and gchildrens expectations.. to grasp the lure..hook and all…Rolling out the newest model of ones unlived lives.now I want that newest model too! Or do I?

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