Without Despair

 IMG_0077                        IMG_0069
photo credit westcoastwoman “Rock formations Newcastle Island”

Write a little everyday, without hope, without despair“* Isak Dinesen

Without Despair

Rough, yet ever so gently
Water on Stone
washes in, out
softening edges of
Body, Breath
Slow inhale
Audible sigh

Water on Stone
Stone to Surrender
Surrender to Release,
Sweet longing, caressing
our lives carved open as
“without hope, without despair”*
we float, we whirl,
a single leaf riding
a wandering stream.

©westcoastwoman 2019


unknown photographer
Sculpture “Break through from your Mold” Zenos Frudakis
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania



15 thoughts on “Without Despair

    1. Thank you so much Violet. I was so moved by the beauty of the formations caused by the constant movement of water and could see how our own lives were ‘worn away’ in somewhat the same way. Loved your 3 a.m. shot from Alaska, sounds like quite the adventure.


  1. Beautiful. “Our lives, carved open…” is good inspiration to carve down into my self-imposed writer’s block. Wonderful accompanying images as well!

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  2. Beautifully said, my friend. Top image felt like those times I, red-faced and struggling, resist that carving. The bottom image looks so like surrender and release, delicate lace of the soul, until eventually nothing remains. 🙏



    1. Thank you so much Ken for reading and commenting.
      It is a powerful sculpture isn’t it.
      Called “Break through from your mold” sculptor Zenos Frudakis in Philadelphia Pennsylvania


    1. Somehow I knew it would be that sculpture….. before I clicked her page. Those two sculptures seem to evoke similar emotions in me. I often send them together to people I know will appreciate them. Good suggestion re the description….will do.

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  3. Smooth, sensitive & meaningful Janet…love your writings &, your photography. Especially love that breakout figure.


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