The Threshold

Photo Linda McDaniel

“Time is an Ocean, present and eternal. We are adrift on that ocean of possibility, you and I , and the miracle is that we find each other at all. Maybe it’s age that keeps me scanning the horizon, looking for you, waving, bobbing in that sustaining current, because I want to hold eternal moments closer now. We move through time and space separately, and the mystery of our meeting is time’s gift to us. Swim with me now. We have no other chance.”

Richard Wagamese  “Embers   One Ojibway’s Meditations”




Gateways, doorways and thresholds all inviting an entrance or an exit, their silent message  ‘the only way out (or in) is through.’

We arrive at our personal thresholds through a naturally arranged opening, the decision to step forward or not, totally in our hands.

Fingers on the latch speak of transition and escape but mostly possibilities that lie beyond fear.

Push the latch and set the barrier free, disengage, turn sideways into the light and it will both dissolve and expose you.

We stand on the shoreline, toes in the water not wanting to leave safe harbour despite knowing instinctively how to navigate rough seas, rising with the swells and resting in the trough.

The surrender that brings you again to the surface the vulnerability of the letting go and the trust needed for both, all released with a push of a latch .



written in response to Denise’s “Six Sentence Stories” Prompt word: Escape





30 thoughts on “The Threshold

  1. Ohhh I love this! Especially: “We stand on the shoreline, toes in the water not wanting to leave safe harbour despite knowing instinctually how to navigate rough seas by rising with the swells and resting in the trough.” Soooo good!

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    1. I enjoy reading about your Alaska adventures , quite a Threshold to cross indeed I didn’t realize you had moved there, though you were there for the job for the season..
      Glad it spoke to you.


        1. …. sometimes I think we know right away, yes or no, stay or go , lives lived and unlived but more and more I am choosing ‘yes’ but that could be my age…… and as Richard W. points out. “Swim with me now. We have no other chance.”

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  2. Thank you for participating in the Six. I love the words, love the picture.
    The 1st, last sentence – perfect synchronicity. And the all important 2nd sentence. It’s all about choice. Cast aside fear, “a push of the latch”.
    This piece would make for a wonderful guided meditation 🙂

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    1. I still marvel at how a prompt word can take you to so many different places. Some of what I consider my most meaningful pieces have come from the Six. Thank you for hosting and for your comment.


  3. I totally identified, at least to the element of ‘threshold’. On more than one occasion, especially those involving doctors and medicine, I have pictured the (approaching) event as a gate, the far side of which as yet undetermined.
    ‘cellist Six, yo.


  4. A truly beautiful meditation on the choices we make on our journey in this lifetime. Will we respond out of fear and choose escape, or will we embrace love and find endless possibilities?


  5. Hiya!
    Need you to swim with me for an hour on Sunday PM. Are you around? Set up about 1230 finish at 4 pm

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