Head to Toe.

DSC_1395DSC_1940 2.jpeg
photo credits ©westcoastwoman

Head to Toe

Living Dolls
Mannequins – partially animated,
Walking Shoes
Footwear – highly elevated,
Terrain between Head and Toe

of Hollow Humans
Hover Helplessly
To Have and Hold
Hot  Hashtags

We post images
of life unlived,
capture forever
the second life…..
“doing it for the gram

Sun rises
Earth stretches
A New Day Begins.

©westcoast woman 2019

*phrase coined by David Abram


9 thoughts on “Head to Toe.

  1. Hello Dear One…Trying again to respond again on this site. So perhaps the effort to do so relates however distantly to the theme of your writing. I am not sure if this … my motivation to respond to your thoughts promoting the needed “introspectiveness” of life will reach you❤️🙏🌲🐳

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    1. Thank you for reading Ivor. The two photos ,taken years apart, sort of melted together in a comment on them emptyheadedness sometimes seen on social media in many forms.
      The fact also that most of us tend to live in our head not fully inhabiting our bodies. Contrasted by the grounded living of the ‘more-than-human-world that we share the planet with.


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