photo © westcoastwoman

Something inside me has reached to the place where the world is breathing” 


birthing canal
to our Deep heart,
no stopping
the slippery movement
forward that demands
splitting open

Barriers of Reality,
Illusions of Safety,
clinging with tentacles
mired so deep that
Shields became prisons,
Seek wholeness
Not Perfection.

You are too much.
You have never been enough.
Pain liberating Truth
Reject, Embrace
Don’t waste your suffering,
A faint beat is detected
Light and Dark start their Dance.

westcoastwoman ©2019




18 thoughts on “Shields

    1. thank you so much Rachel. The photos did meld perfectly with the inspiration. They are called Romneya Coulteri and their slow opening reminded me of the slow and sometimes painful opening to each layer of our heart.

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  1. I love the paradox of the lines “You are too much. / You have never been enough.” That really resonates on so many levels. The photos are pretty incredible, too!

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