©westcoastwoman 2020

“We are all visitors to this time, this place. We are just passing through. Our       purpose here is to observe, to learn, to grow, to love…and then we return home”

Australian Aboriginal Proverb



Light  crosses  pillows

Wake from your dreams

Rise to capture

Ice crystals and moonset,

Creep into darkness

Still the moment.

Life moves in phases

‘sets’ morph to ‘rises’,



wake and sleep

time marked not

by day and night

but new, full,


secrets revealed

so many moons ago…..


©westcoastwoman 2020

15 thoughts on “Dreamtime

  1. A wonderful dream poem 💛 🙏

    An interesting cultural difference
    between Indigenous Australians
    and the Western attitude of land
    ownership. The Aboriginal belief
    that they belong to the land, not
    vice versa.

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    1. Indigenous people of Canada had/have similar attitudes towards the land. Beliefs were overridden 500 years ago by something
      called the Doctrine of Discovery . Our ‘Western attitudes’ have/are doing much damage, especially to our precious planet……
      We belong to the land, without it there is no life.

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      1. Yes, I think Joni Mitchell said it well:

        “We are stardust
        We are golden
        And we’ve got to get ourselves
        Back to the garden
        Then can I walk beside you
        I have come here to lose the smog
        And I feel to be a cog
        in something turning
        Well maybe it is just
        the time of year
        Or maybe it’s the time of man
        I don’t know who l am
        But you know life is for learning
        We are stardust
        We are golden
        And we’ve got to get ourselves
        Back to the garden.”


  2. Dreamtime is where I go when I experience in my being the beauty of nature. A broad statement for sure, but I float, no past, present, or future. This poem is beautiful capturing the layers of senses that we can experience as long as we are open to it.

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    1. I agree Deborah, for only the second time in my life I was woken up by moonlight. Full moon setting….I had to capture what I could with the camera and in doing that was gifted with the words. Setting over Hornby Island.


  3. We are cogs and something is definitely turning…so gratified to see new organizations and young people coming up to the plate…now there is even a party for the ocean in Nanaimo.
    Potluck ahead!

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    1. yes….at first I had a hyphen between the two words moon-set and then I realized that I had seen many sunsets but perhaps only a few moonsets, that it is a rare and beautiful experience. On a transpacific flight I remember looking out one side of the aircraft and seeing sunrise the other side a full moonset.


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