Mating in Captivity

Haida Gwaii
photo westcoastwoman 2014

“Humans are liminal creatures. We exist on the margins of the wild. The idea that we might exist in perfect bliss entirely within the wild is rich, romantic fiction. The idea that we might ever exist entirely outside the wild is equally fatuous. It is a witch tale rather than a fairy tale: a dystopia disguised as an ideal.”

                                                                                                                          Robert Bringhurst 


Mating in Captivity

Our containment born of
song, film, illusion
we mate in captivity.

Caged on the edge of  a civilization
lost, on its way to where?.
a question or answer.

This destination with no map,
hovers above liminal space
feet dangling, legs pumping.


a pendulum of humanity
drawing in, releasing
breath, body, spirit,

Eyes searching, meeting,
knowing, it’s All or Nothing
one final sweep and we are

“All In”

Hoping for the perfect River card.

©westcoastwoman 2020













5 thoughts on “Mating in Captivity

  1. Great poem! I think that human beings will mate in or out of captivity . And perhaps only during the physicality of it all do we edge closer to becoming free and living in the wild.
    Then again, who even remembers? It’s been quite a while since I have danced in the throws of passion. Lol 😏

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Leslie, so good to see your face pop up. You have come to mind often lately.
      Yes ‘mating’ captive or not will indeed keep happening…. feels like as a species, we are on the edge of something, these words were trying to capture the moment.
      Who knew what a great metaphor for life Poker would turn out to be.
      Keep well my friend


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