Travel in the year of Corona



This afternoon I am heading out on the adventure of a lifetime, the weeks leading up to it have been an adventure in themselves. The Corona virus and numerous other unexpected roadblocks led me to comment to the organizer of the trip:

I knew India had things to teach me, I just thought she might let me arrive before the learning began” 

I will be visiting North India on a tour of Sacred Places, a Pilgrimage of sorts. I’ve always wanted to expose myself to what India promised to open in anyone who followed the call to travel there. I have readied myself for the fact that in certain areas the air would be hard to breath, the water undrinkable and the food a little dicey for my stomach.  The people, the culture and the mass of humanity that is India will test my limits.

Not expected for anyone travelling the world right now or just staying put, is the Corona Virus.  I refuse to live my life in fear so I am setting out on what is starting to feel a bit like an Indiana Jones adventure complete with “Nago sadhus” (snake-worshipping ascetics) who live in mud huts dug out in the banks of a river.
The bizarre part comes on the next line of the itinerary :
“Overnight at the Double Tree Hilton”
Snake charmers……to the Hilton I expect I will learn much more than just the history of sacred sights on this journey.

There are 23 of us signed up, a tour leader named Andrew Harvey who is a Scholar, author and a Mystic born in India and spent large swaths of his life there.

So, for the next two weeks when time allows I will be sending little missives, reflections on what I am seeing, feeling and hopefully some words will start to follow me and show up in poetry.

Namaste my friends. Next stop Dehli.


12 thoughts on “Travel in the year of Corona

  1. Blessed travels to you Janet! No doubt Mother India will welcome you with open arms. I am still in the south and plan to stay until early March.

    Much love to you for an amazing time!

    Cindy ox

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    1. Thank you Cindy….We will meet in the Spring sometime ‘out front’ and trade stories I am sure. Thank you for all your blessings and support. “You go to India when it is your time to go to India”:)


    1. Thank you so much Rachel….I knew if I gave in to my fears I would never make it to India. We spend 4 days in Varanasi at the end of the journey a very holy city, staying in a palace in front of one of the most holy ghats on the Ganges. (FYI I didn’t even know what a ghat was until a few months ago.:) much to learn…. and perhaps many stories to write.


    1. Thanks Mike. This will indeed be awesome, I realized that if I backed out of this because of fear it was kind of like backing out of my life, choosing safety over adventure. Numerically I am ‘elderly’ but what does that mean in this day and age. Stories await!!!

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  2. It is truly the trip of a lifetime. We travelled in India, 2 weeks in the north and 2 weeks in the south, in 2007. Indescribable. Amazing. Go with an open mind (which you must have or you wouldn’t be going) and embrace it all! Enjoy!!

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