Learning to Fly

Photo credit westcoastwoman

……a poem by Manju Kapur.
I cannot find a title anywhere so I present it with my photograph and the emotion it evoked. Learning to Fly.

In my dream
women flew
larger than any
birds I have seen

They flew high
they flew together
over trees
and dry dusty land.

They came back,
some after years,
with water
careful in their beaks
for those who had
forgotten how to fly.

Manju Kapur

8 thoughts on “Learning to Fly

  1. Lovely connection w/your beautiful photo, as usual. Immediately thot of the verse from Peter Paul n Mary: “I can see in myself wings as I feel them—ifyou see something else keep your thoughts to yourself, I’ll fly free then.”


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  2. Lovely poem, but I LOVE your photograph! The mottled textures and colors of the sky and water merging behind in the background on the horizon. Can’t tell where one ends and the other begins. Mystical! And the bird and its reflection on the water. It’s as if it was posing for you. Stunning!

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    1. Yes, a wonderful surprise to come across him/her and catch the movements. I got a few good shots before it flew away. I posted another shot about a year ago on one of my posts Wanderlust and Blogging.


        1. I am unsure of how to put a link in a reply. If you look in my archives for May 2019 it is there. Wanderlust, Dance and Blogging.
          I find since wordpress changed the writing program some of the tools I had figured out are now gone and what has replaced them is
          harder to navigate. Just like life, as soon as you feel you might have a grasp on what is happening, everything changes:)


  3. This is a beautiful poem. It speaks to me of the all encompassing strength, ability and protective nature of women. For me there is implicit sisterhood for those willing. I believe women are the fortress and strength. We are refuge.
    The photo is beautiful and quite apropos.


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