Brides of the Sea

Street statue Victoria B.C. photo westcoast woman

A life that is truly lived is constantly burning away the veils of illusion, gradually revealing the essence of the individual.” Marion Woodman

Wandering almost always takes me to the edge of the ocean, especially if I wander alone. These days that seems to be my preference. The last wander brought me to a beach that was deserted except for two young girls who appeared to be about ten years old. Close to the shore they had fashioned a structure out of driftwood and returned to the water’s edge to find something to use as siding.

Seaweed, thick, wide and long proved to be the perfect material. I watch as one of the girls held two strands, one on each shoulder. It gave the impression of a veil from my vantage point. Her companion followed her lead and they both squealed in delight as they headed back to their ‘house’ trailing their gifts from the sea unaware of anyone watching in the distance…..I was the congregation, they were Brides of the Sea.

Brides of the Sea

Partially formed Mermaids
Oceanic but without curves
trail seaweed veils, skin of the sea
from shoulders, bare,
unable yet to carry
the weight of the world.

My heart calls after them,
Be brides to the sea
learn to ride the swelling waves
surrender to the crest, the trough
the holy trinity of
Earth, Moon, Water

No paper hearts or
man-made veils,
love, honor, obey
the Ocean within,
dive deep
Body, Heart, Soul.

westcoastwoman 2020

gift from the sea westcoastwoman

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