The Bell Jar

photo credit westcoastwoman


The ground began to thaw and in a flash it was Spring, time to make their way into that other world, the world of Light.
I observed each day as they gingerly emerged, their fragile petals unfurling in a gift of surrender.
They had no way of knowing that change had been afoot in the world of Light as they slept safe and warm in the protective darkness.
Rules were changing, nothing was as it had been, the warmth, the cold, the light and the dark.
The Bell Jars were placed for protection before the snow fell, days later they  reemerged, safe in their glass houses.
The thought occurred….. is there a Bell Jar large enough to protect our collective humanity, our all too human hearts, the world of Light we live in?


(written in response to Sunday’s six sentence word prompt. Prompt word FLASH)








30 thoughts on “The Bell Jar

  1. I don’t know if it’s the picture’s influence, but this piece seems almost delicate. Kind of a “hush” about it.
    Would there was “a Bell Jar large enough to protect our collective humanity”.
    Lovely piece and a wonderful Six Sentence 🙂

    Will you come by my blog on Thursday and link it up? I’d love for anyone not familiar with your website to be able to read it. While the official start of the blog hop is Thursday, I open the link on Wednesday night, US EST.


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