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And the day came when the risk to remain tight in the bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”     Anais Nin


We tend gardens in Spring under the illusion that we somehow affect the outcome, that our careful placement of seed or plant has anything to do with the eventual opening of the buds of May.

No credit given to the artist and unknown creator of the fragile petals that unfold, we proudly display our garden, rarely acknowledging that we are just the temporary curators of an impermanent living  gallery.

© westcoastwoman

Our heart and spirit are also part of this life gallery, we too are meant to unfold and flower in this fleeting moment we occupy space on the planet.

Not born to stay “tight in the bud” we struggle in darkness until most of us break open, this second opening no less courageous than our journey from the womb.

Conscious of our consciousness and knowing that venturing forward will involve both great pain along with pleasure, we willingly submit and release ourselves again and again to the unknown.

One undeniable truth “No one gets out of here alive” and we who have experienced all that this life has to offer will finally stand in complete and exquisite exhaustion and wonder at our solitary arrival and departure on this mysterious journey ………
© westcoastwoman

Paige Bradley

This was written in response to Girlieonthedge  Six Sentence Story Thursday
Prompt word: Release




38 thoughts on “Release

  1. Another wonderful blog post! You have a winning formula! Good combination to start with a title, image, quote, and the Six Sentence piece. Also enjoyed seeing that sculpture by Paige Bradley. Love her work!

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      1. Paige follows in the great Japanese tradition of breaking a vessel to then repair it with gold or silver to make it look more beautiful than the original. In her case she uses light! I had written a tanka about the process after I discovered it from a friend who’s familiar with this art in Japan. I also have a post on Leonard Cohen’s quote: There is a crack in everything; it’s how the light gets in.

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